Five years later, starkid has done seven full length musicals. With stuff about bugs in outer space, superman and batman, and genitalia without ever going to far. But there’s one song that we’re always going back to and that is…. x

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I think people forget what’s the difference between shipping people and shipping people and be inappropriate about it.

Yes, I ship Crisspez A LOT and I’m very open with it but would I tweet them about it? No. Would I say it to them? No. Would I ever be inappropriate and rude in front of them about it or tweet something weird to them to twitter? No.

So, that’s why people think the starkid fandom are a bit too much. Some fans are just writing all the time inappropriate tweets to some of the starkids which is not acceptable.

I also think that the starkid fandom has lost their meaning. Now it’s all about shipping and who fits best with who. Can’t we just enjoy their talent and not their relationships?

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 @jaimelynbeatty: Heaven is a never-ending brunch with friends!
@jaimelynbeatty: Heaven is a never-ending brunch with friends!
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Starkid Takes Manhattan 4.12.14

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Well I totally was just thinking about that and I feel like I should have said happy birthday to your blog! Lol yay for 2 years!! :)

oh my god, you knew!?!?!? wowwowowow i love oyu thank you soooo much! <3

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Happy birthday!!!! <3

oh my god thank you sosoos much <333

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i have had this blog for 2 years now



oh my god, celebration!!!!

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Imagine if Draco somehow died during the war in AVPSY. Imagine Harry looking at his body/grave with empty eyes, and his voice breaks as he says “Malfoy, you little shit…”

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Starkid’s 2014 Musicals!

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