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"Starkid is about friendship – that is it – nothing less than best lifelong friendships. Like Harry, Ron and Hermione. You know when you spend even five minutes with any of them they will be there for each other the rest of their lives. The girls have a sisterhood tighter than most sisters I know and the boys would do anything for each other.”

remember when I met lauren lopez and she rolled her eyes with a fond smile and said ‘darren criss’

good times

and remember when she read my letter and she said she choked up after she read it? 

good times

Take a moment to appreciate your challenges as you face them; recognize the immense knowledge they’ll provide for you for the future. Barrel through roadblocks with a graceful energy for what is waiting on the other side. Also, learn the value of a firm handshake. Oh, and be nice.


Starkid friendships ✩ Joey Richter & Lauren Lopez

Dedicated to Isabelle


I really want to RP crisspez??????

I don’t know how many people here follow me on Twitter but I’m taking a break from social media for two reasons.

One, I work a lot this weekend so I don’t have time to really tweet or post here.

Two (major reason), Darren is going to be at G4 and I can’t be online and see so many of you meet him.

I am happy for you but it really hurts because I had a shot to see him but I work and I couldn’t. So, I’m taking a little break so my tears can stop and heart can rest.

Have a nice weekend and if you see Darren, say hey from me!


meredith + hairporn


I don’t even know what this is, it’s 3am and it was a sad day and I missed writing


Ridiculous, half pointless half plotless crisspez one shot.

On the tour

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